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What is XIT Poll® ?

A "revolutionary" platform for instant collection of customer experiences which support companies to keep live pulse on their business.

XIT Poll® for Enterprises

XIT Poll® offers a robust at the same time flexible platform for small to large enterprises through its unique set of features.

Online Dashboard & Reports

Manage your surveys and access customer feedbacks online through web based XIT Poll® dashboard and management platform.
Why XIT Poll
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XIT Poll® Product Catalogue

XIT Poll® combines a versatile, easy-to-use, rugged survey device with a powerful, user-friendly web-based data management system. It significantly improves customer response rates compared to phone, web, paper, or any other survey method-then collects, organizes, and reports the data accurately, and automatically.

Fast at the same time robust designs for capturing experiences

Survey designer web based tool helps creating customer engagement screens quickly and easily with an intuitive, free-flowing online editor. Add & move questions around to edit on the fly, implement logic, formatting, and more. Surveys can be designed using variety of basic questions like multiple choices, or advanced question like 3D matrix. XIT Poll® supports multi-lingual surveys where versions for different language can be managed separately.

Get customer feedback while they are still immersed in the experience

Collecting fast and instant customer feedbacks and suggestions from various end users interaction points like kiosks, mobile smartphones and tablets, desktops and laptops. XIT Poll® patented free standing mobile kiosks is changing the dynamics of how businesses can now keep a "live" pulse on their business. In today's competitive environment it is essential for businesses to be able to react to customers' needs and desires.

Higher participation rates & greater response data accuracy

Engaging your customers and ensuring that they are satisfied with your business is a critical part of establishing customer loyalty, increasing market share and ultimately increasing profits. Your business's success depends on your ability to satisfy your customers and obtain new ones. Building a positive relationship with customers is the way to generate repeat business, increase referrals and sell more products and services to your loyal customers.

Higher Net Promoter Score (NPS®) for businesses

XIT Poll® capitalizes on figuring, analyzing and improving areas of concern for businesses by providing detailed at the same time structured customer response data and experiences. This helps businesses to win back their customers and also to streamline detected processes.

More visibility & control for management team

XIT Poll® helps management team with access and control of their business across various department and locations with slick and easy-to-use dashboard. Dashboard shows current performance and bottlenecks for the business which allows immediate corrective actions.
Our Products
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XIT Poll® Product Catalogue

XIT Poll product suite lets you easily create interactive & engaging surveys for instant collection of customer feedbacks and suggestions while they are still immersed in the experience. This empowers you to instantly evaluate, act and manage feedbacks and to build intelligent insights with data analytics support.

XIT Poll® Kiosk

XIT Poll Kiosk is an artistic fusion of fusion of feedback collection software and attractive hardware design. It lets you easily deploy, configure and track survey based mobile, free standing kiosk anywhere within your businesses premises, online or offline. Customers can instantly share their experiences with our user-friendly and fun to use survey based mobile application interface.

XIT Poll® Android Tablet Application

Customers can be presented with android based tablets equipped with XIT Poll to leave their feedbacks in real-time and with ease of few clicks. It gives an edge factor and impressive technology to capture customer experiences in restaurant, stores and other consumer based business outfits. The same survey design is presented in these XIT Poll products giving multiple channels of response collection.

XIT Poll® QR Code Application

Customers can give feedback in real-time and easily by a scan of QR Code or barcode or a click of web link in emails, social media, applications and more on their smartphones. The same surveys designed for kiosk gets transformed to their web application version for covering all the various types of smartphones into its eco system. This covers a vast range of Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows based smartphones available in world market.

XIT Poll® Web Application

Customers can launch surveys and fill their feedback through web links on their emails as well as URL redirections from websites on their laptops and desktops. XIT Poll supports all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari. The survey design is represented as a single screen question list view to make the response collection faster.
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You can count on Cleva Technologies for ideas that walk the edge of technology while staying true to the need for simplicity, value and exceptional user experience. Based in South Florida, Cleva Technologies designs innovative wireless solutions for the retail, entertainment, service and restaurant industries. Our XIT Poll solution captures the true voice of your customer at the point of sale or service–while your customer is still immersed in the actual brand experience, interacting with your employees and making purchasing decisions. Our philosophy is to apply technology to find solutions to common problems in an uncommon way. From our green packaging to our straight forward approach to problem solving you will see some "cleva" ideas coming from us.
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